How to recognize the problems revealed in your company’s D&I job posts.

Man and woman talking
Man and woman talking
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A year “officially” into equity work, I find myself in a role I never expected: Diversity Grinch. My skepticism has grown to the point where it seems I can’t encounter any corporate inclusion and diversity initiative without casting aspersions and pointing out fatal flaws.

Given the higher-purpose nature of this work — sacred is not too strong a word — I hope you can understand why my heart shrinks three sizes when I see how corporate America — one of the single biggest perpetrators of systematic inequity — positions itself as a gatekeeper of who is and isn’t qualified to…

What will it take to create equity for Black women and students in the technology industry?

Khalia Braswell is an award-winning technologist and the founder of INTech, an organization dedicated to building “a world where girls are creators of technology and leaders in the technology industry.” INTech was one of the first recipients of Slalom’s Social Equality pledge.

Khalia recently sat down with me, in the debut of Slalom’s Equity Journey podcast series, for a fast-moving and inspiring conversation about the bumpy road Black women travel in the tech world and the effects of the persistent digital divide on young Black students. Here are some of the highlights of that conversation.

Thank you so much for…

Beware of committees and ‘baby steps’ — empty promises further traumatize Black employees

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Consider some of the things that have been done in response to the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department:

To be clear, these are all positive moves. But they’re symbolic. Symbols are powerful and significant, but the danger is when they take the place of real change and give a false impression that real change is being enacted. They can remove the pressure on leaders while doing little for the affected groups.

Further, symbolic gestures…

Corporate America’s recent response to the issue of police violence and anti-Black racism feels like it could be more than the usual lip service. But are companies ready to do the painful self-reflection required to be part of the solution? Here are four choices they can make to show they’re for real this time.

Why is the business world having such a hard time knowing where it stands in the current climate? For many companies, Slalom included, this is the first time they have engaged with the Black Lives Matter movement — or with any Black civil rights movement for…

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